The Gun Club - Sex Beat
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The Gun Club - Sex Beat

Total Abuse - The Same
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GO TO SCHOOL, GET A JOB ( It’s all the same )

Survival - Civil War
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Top:  Me at St. Marks Comics in NYC.  Best comic shop in the city.

Bottom:  Sean and I.

New York City//2014

New York is a cool place.
The Dickies - Give It Back
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The Dickies - Give It Back 

that night i was walking home

and when they caught me i was all alone

a bloody nose and a broken bone

i thought those brats were gonna leave me alone

The Nation Of Ulysses - Look Out! Soul Is Back
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The Nation Of Ulysses “Look Out! Soul Is Back”


Hank Wood And The Hammerheads

New York’s Alright//2014

Check out some photos I took!

Murderer - Bad Boy
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